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New Store Hours
  • TUESDAYS THRU fri 12 TO 6

PRICES up to 50%


when placing orders online we will send you a email when its in process. and when its getting ready to ship. if you are local dont just come the next day because it may not all be in stock. thank you

If you have a defective or broken item, we will replace it with one of the same only. we also only give store credit.

if you are ordering a discontinued product please understand it is tuff to find but we normally do find it. it takes time you need to be patient.
on orders we do the best that we can to get you the product however we cant just order it we have to bid on a manifest. not everything thats on it always shows up. we will save you a lot of money but you must have patience when dealing in liquidation.

all canceled orders will have a 15% restocking fee no exceptions.